Welcome to the colourful world of Friends of Mine, a wonderful new educational children's series! Each episode sees host Maxwell Matchim introduce the viewer to a new friend of theirs. Together, they explore a wide variety of themes, including everything from appreciating nature to mental health. Through this show, we hope to encourage the development of empathy in everyone.

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The internet is an incredibly powerful tool. Through this medium, we have the potential to uplift and educate countless people across the world. Children are exposed to a wide variety of targeted videos online. Far too many are made without any concern for the wellbeing or development of their viewers.


We felt that the children around us deserved better. We set out to create something a little more thoughtful, something which would help children to understand their feelings, develop empathy, and appreciate the beauty of the world around them. 


If you, as a parent or teacher, find the work we do valuable, please consider donating to our fundraising page, so that we can produce a new season of episodes.

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